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Hisotry of Palestine

How many years did The United Kingdom of Israel last?

For only 98 Years [from 1020 BC to 922 BC]. In 922 it was split into two. Israel, the Northern Kingdom lasted 200 years [922BC to 722BC]. Judea, the Southern Kingdom lasted 336 years [922BC to 586BC].

Israel occupies East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Between 1948 and 1967, Israel controls West Jerusalem and Jordan controls East Jerusalem. 

Al Nakba [The Catastrophe] occurs for the Palestinians. Britain evacuates from the Mandate land and the migrant Zionist terror groups destroy Palestinian villages and the State of Israel is founded. 

The Ottomans surrender to the British. Jerusalem and Palestine become part of the British Mandate.

Jerusalem comes under Muslim Ottoman rule. 

The Mongols invade Jerusalem.  

The Muslims regain control.  

Jerusalem is ceded by treaty for ten years to the Crusaders.  

Salaah'ideen re-occupies Jerusalem from the Crusaders. 

Christian Crusades occupy Jerusalem. 

The great Caliph Umar liberates Jerusalem. 

Heraclius the Roman Emperor re-occupies Jerusalem. 

Persians under Khosras occupy Jerusalem. 

Constantine, the Roman Emperor becomes Christian. Christianity becomes the official religion of the Empire thus began the Christian era of Jerusalem.  

Emperor Hadrian captures Jerusalem and re-names it Aelia Capitolina and expels the remaining Jews. 

Titus the Roman General destroys the Temple. Jews are totally banished from Jerusalem. 

Pompey, the head of the Roman Army captures Jerusalem. 

Syrians seize Jerusalem.

Macabbean [Jewish] revolt. Hasmonean dynasty is founded and the Temple restored. 

Seleucid King Antochius forbids the practice of Judaism.

Break up of Alexander’s kingdom. The Ptolemics of Egypt rule Palestine. 200 BC – Greek/Syrian Seleucids capture and rule Jerusalem.  

Alexander the Great captures Jerusalem. 

Persian King Cyrus captures Jerusalem from the Babylonians and allows Jews to return as his ‘citizens’. The Jews re-built the Temple. 

Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon destroys Jerusalem including Sulayman’s [as] Temple. All Jews are either killed, exiled or taken prisoners. This marks the end of Israel after 400 years of its inception.  

Egyptian forces occupy Jerusalem. However, the house of David was allowed to flourish under Egyptian rule. 

Prophet Sulayman/Soloman [as] succeeds Daud [as] as the King of Israel.

After Sulayman’s [as] death the Kingdom of Israel was split. Judea in the south with Jerusalem as its capital and Israel in the north (later called Samaria). 

Prophet Daud/David [as] fought a battle with the Philistines, destroyed them and established the Ancient Israel. 

Jebusites rule the city of Jerusalem. 

A people from Greece called the Philistines occupy the Land of Canaan and most probably Jerusalem, and rule it for only 40 years. 

Prophet Mussa/Mosses [as] leads his people out of Egypt.  

First mention of Jerusalem as a city state discovered in an Egyptian letter called the Tel Amarna letter. 

The rulers of Egypt called Hyksos invades Jerusalem. 

First mention of Jerusalem discovered in a text [Egyptian].

Prophet Ibrahim/Abraham [as] migrates to the land of Palestine/Jerusalem. 

Canaanites around Jerusalem. Jerusalem was established by Jebusites, a Canaanite tribe. 

Canaanites were the People of Palestine.